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Is Ariana Grande a big slut? She seems like one on television. I mean no offense, but that heat wave episode of Victorious, she was like hanging out with all different dudes, letting them flirt with her. And from her Twitter, she just seems overly-promiscuous. I'm not saying it is a bad thing or anything, I just wondered. 

a.) i don’t personally know ariana, so….. b.) please remember that victorious is a television show and she’s just acting c.) she’s definitely flirty on twitter, but it’s just twitter.

wonder what's the name of the hair color Ariana uses..do you have any idea? :} 

i don’t know the name, but she always refers to it as the color of red velvet cupcakes, so you can ask a hairdresser what best matches.

Your ariana blog/tumblr is the best one out there <3 I LOVE YOU xD <33 :) 

you are fabulous! <3


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omg guys i’m sooooooo sorry i haven’t been posting lately. there was a bit of a drought in new pictures and i got out of the habit of checking and kind of forgot about this because i run two other tumblrs. i’m soso sorry and i’ll definitely try to keep this going xoxo

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